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Jason Bourne, checking out.


Jason Bourne


My good friend Jason Bourne has decided to leave BBC Radio Leicester and pursue a career as a freelance producer (and part time reporter if his employers of the day are that desperate for somebody to attend a League 2 game)

Jason walked into the newsroom at St Nicholas Place as a fresh faced, fresh out of Uni lad on work experience. As ever I had my head down focusing on how likely Michael Lamey was to start for The Foxes in The Championship that weekend.

He was helping produce the Mid Morning show that day meaning a very good friend of mine was keeping an eye on him “he’s an arrogant lad quite sure of his own ability, he wants to work on sport, I don’t like him” was the early assessment from my colleague, my ears pricked up, I liked the sound of this lad already and made my way over to make a friend, he was exactly what we needed.

Jason and I hit it off from there on in, he earnt his place on the team, somehow nicked himself a full tie job and became a vital member of the sport team.

Our Jason is like a sponge, tell him something once and it’s stored upstairs. He’s ingenuity is his best trait.

Jason is creative, thorough and one of the most organised people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Most of the creative content you’ve heard on 104.9fm in the last couple of years has come from our Jay.

He wasn’t always a matchday reporter live from those glamorous locations such as St Mary’s…….Jason worked in the studio for many years and as the guy on the end of a line I could always rely on him to help with whatever we needed, he’s Mr Reliable.

He’s also a grumpy goof. Man alive that lad can have a strop, and the worst ones, the silent ones, but I can live with that, we all know Danny Drinkwater likes a moan on the pitch but he’s a class act so you live with it, Jason’s the same (although having played football with him he’s no Danny Drinkwater………) We all learnt to give him some stick if he had the hump and Jason – eventually – learnt to give it back, he’s started to become funny in recent years, well done. Martin Ballard could always make him giggle, quite a treat.

Checking into hotels has been a highlight.

“good afternoon sir, what’s your name please?”

I’d start giggling “Jason Bourne” cue laughter all round, never got boring either.

There are so many highlights to the time Jay and I have spent together on the air, we stood and cried like children when we saw the club crowned Champions at The Reebok, lifting the Premier League Trophy is a day everybody will remember and the European Tour, I’m glad you hung around this season mate, good decision that………….

Whoever employs Jason as a freelancer will quickly find a permanent contract to put under his nose as the bloke is the best I’ve ever worked with, he’s an asset to any organisation.

He loves his food, would yelp when a guest was booked or somebody asked him the best tube route to take in the capital to reach their destination. You eventually understand what flicks his switches.

He’s not dead so I wont gush.

Well done for doing your job, don’t mess it up and strive for a consistent 7/10 on a good day and when the one and only 10/10 comes in your career, you’ll know about it (the strange thing is mate, we’ve both had our one and only 10/10 in our careers, a day we will never forget)

He once said “you can’t take your chickens for granted” we’ve all had a few bloopers over the years but Jason came out with some belters.

If you see him give him a hug at the game today as he’s an emotional sausage and will no doubt have a cry. Get on with it.

Love you bud. You idiot.



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