About Me

I am a lover of sport.

I was never of standard to play football at a professional level, this I realised in my late teens. My dreams turned to being paid to watch the game. I’m living my dream.

Ian Stringer in 1990 playing for Syston FC.

Ian Stringer in 1990 playing for Syston FC.





















I sold TVs for Dixons straight out of College. I wanted to experience work and generate a work ethic. £3.18 per hour for the daily grind in St Albans 1998, Christmas, I was shattered, but loved it.

I loved being part of a team, helping people, selling, gift of the gab and all that. It wasn’t enough, the money didn’t matter, I wanted Saturday’s off the shopfloor and in the stadia.

In 2002, with some four years of retail experience (that’s right, I’d seen the mobile phone arrive into mainstream consumer reach and boy did I sell them) I decided to try and make a move into an industry I had no experience in.

I started answering the phones at my local radio station and for two seasons I was the tea boy at BBC Three Counties Radio. Gradually I asked for help constructing and reading bulletins, non-league scores and even presenting the 5am-6am Early Breakfast Show.

I was given the gig reporting on Wycombe Wanderers and MK Dons games and loved it, they liked me too. Some managers more than others. Tony Adams was my first interview with the likes of John Gorman, Roberto Di Matteo, Paul Ince and Martin Allen to follow, I had some tests.

Ian Stringer

Ian Stringer with Paul Lambert in 2007.

A job in Leicester became available in 2008, as the Leicester City reporter (it’s the city I grew up in as a boy and as a lifelong Foxes fan, I was desperate to get the job) – I got it.

My first season was in League One, Stockport away being the first league away trip I covered.

600 live games later I’ve called the League One Champions, Championship Champions and Premier League Champions whilst venturing into The Champions League along the way.

I’ve covered football around the world; from LA, Hong Kong, Thailand and most European footballing powerhouses.

Ian Stringer in Hong Kong

Victoria Peak viewing platform, Hong Kong.

In 2017 the Sports Journalists’ Association judges selected me for a ‘Highly Commended’ award in the Commentator of the Year category for my work in calling the greatest sport story ever, Leicester City becoming Premier League Champions .

Ian Stringer

2017 Sports Journalists’ Association awards. Cheesy smile.

I like to run, I’ve run 11 marathons. One day I will qualify for Boston. My PB is 3:33. I’ve run the Tokyo, London and Bangkok marathons amongst others (Wolverhampton doesn’t look as cool in this list does it)


Ian Stringer marathon medals.

I’ve had a top 10 single. Weird huh.

Ian Stringer

World Cup song recording


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