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Nugent and Vardy vs Ings and Vokes – Is it all about goals?

Ings and Vokes vs Vardy and Nugent

David Nugent games in The Championship so far – 34 – 17 goals

Jamie Vardy games in The Championship so far – 32 – 15 goals

Total games as a partnership 66 – 32 goals

Danny Ings games in The Championship so far – 33 – 20 goals

Sam Vokes games in The Championship so far – 34 – 17 goals

Total games as a partnership 67 – 37 goals


So who has the best strike partnership outside of The Premier League?

Leaders Leicester City with David Nugent and Jamie Vardy are behind Burnley’s Sam Vokes and Danny Ings by 5 goals with The Turfmoor outfit playing just one game more as a pairing. The Clarets’ double act have 37 whilst for The Foxes’ front men it’s 32.

But does that make them the better partnership? Let’s scratch briefly beneath the surface.

Much is said about the ability to defend from the front. Stopping you opposition from building an attack or even pressure through possession has an impact on your own fatigue (and potentially burning that saved fuel in the last minute to score a winner of course) as well as your opposition’s ability to score a goal themselves. Having the ball saves running and saves ‘them’ scoring.

I think tackling as a striker was Jamie Vardy’s first lesson in the game although how much attention he paid to his technique is up for debate; he’s more sledge hammer than stealth when it comes to winning the ball back. I like him.

Vardy is full blooded but often the threat is enough, if a defender gets a whack first time when looking to pass, they may opt to go long next time the Vardy tackle claxon sounds via his rapid size 9s.

If it’s tackling from the front then Vardy and Nugent are your men with a total of 52 successful tackles between them in the league while Vokes and Ings have 41. The Foxes with 11 more and having played 1 game less could indicate they break their opposition down higher up the pitch and potentially win the ball back quicker to form an attack of their own. Victory in this battle goes to The Foxes.

When we look at assists the stats back the East Midlanders. Nugent has been the final touch before the goalscorer added to the amassed 65 scored as a group 11 times. Vardy adds 4 to that total although the 7 penalties he’s won aren’t taken into consideration. Vokes has 4 for Burnley. Danny Ings can’t better his strike partner this time, he has the same 4. If it’s setting up your teammates which influences your decision then Vardy and Nugent are the pair for you.

There are some other bits and pieces you could use to assess the better partnership, key passes per game (the final pass leading to a shot at goal for a teammate, not a goal) – Nugent and Vardy have 100 vs the 86 of Ings and Vokes.

Successful passes? The Leicester pair win that one too by 1128 vs 987. So they’re more accurate on the pitch, set their colleagues up for shots more, assist in more goals and tackle more.

Burnley do win more headers as a front 2 and by a stretch. Sam Vokes in fact beats Vardy and Nugent on his own with 244 (266 as a pair)  vs 134 for Vady and Nugent.

So one thing is clear, when The Foxes go to Turfmoor expect a direct encounter from the division’s top partnership and a test for Pearson’s defence however, the better pairing with be occupying the away dressing room.

So, still think it’s all about goals for strikers?


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