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Let’s go running


Bangkok Marathon

Bangkok Marathon

My running journey started in 2012 with The London Marathon.

I have since managed an additional 10 runs of 26.2 miles and think I’m hooked.

The 300 or miles of training in the build up to race day are what most people don’t see. Often in tough weather conditions and around a full time job and children.

These miles are key. So long as you complete your training programme (and it could be very different to the next runner’s) then you usually arrive on the line knowing you’ll finish and in my experience, you usually have a fair idea of what time you’ll post.

I have however underestimated some marathons. The London usually.

Having completed the UK’s entry into the World Marathon Series three times, I can tell you there’s some traps in there to catch you out.

Please feel free to have a browse of the above pages to chart my progress and maybe even offer some words of encouragement.

Mo Farah and Claire Lomas are my inspiration to run. Thank you for inspiring me.

Running isn’t for everyone but you may be surprised at how great you feel at the end of a run, any run. Give it a go. Get some trainers on and get out there. If you feel worse when you finish than when you started fair enough, but you wont.

Enjoy, it’s free.


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